Saturday, September 8, 2018

I'm making earlier work available via this blog.

This includes chapters from my book and a number of papers of interesting papers.

Relativistic Quantum Field Theory

Part I   Relativistic foundations of light and matter Fields

             Chapter 1:    Elementary solutions of the classical wave equation 
             Chapter 2:    Lorentz contraction from the classical wave equation
             Chapter 3:    Time dilation from the classical wave equation

             Chapter 4:    Non-simultaneity from the classical wave equation

Part II   Advanced treatment of the EM field

             Chapter 5:    Relativistic formulation of the electromagnetic field
             Chapter 6:    The Chern-Simons EM spin and axial current density
             Chapter 7:    The EM stress energy tensor and spin tensor  
             Chapter 8:    Advanced EM treatment of Spin 1/2 fermions  

Part III   The relativistic matter wave equations

             Chapter 9:     Relativistic matter waves from Klein Gordon's equation
             Chapter 10:   Operators of the scalar Klein Gordon field
             Chapter 11:   EM Lorentz force derived from Klein Gordon's equation
             Chapter 12:   Klein Gordon transition currents and virtual photons
             Chapter 13:   Propagators of the real Klein Gordon field
             Chapter 14:   Propagators of the complex Klein Gordon field
             Chapter 15:   The self propagator of the Klein Gordon field

             Chapter 16:   The Poincare group and relativistic wave functions
             Chapter 17:   The Dirac Equation 
             Chapter 18:   Transformations of the bilinear fields of the Dirac electron
             Chapter 19:   Gordon decomposition of the vector/axial currents
             Chapter 20:   Operators and Observables of the Dirac field
             Chapter 21:   The EM interactions with the Dirac field
             Chapter 22:   The Hamiltonian and Lagrangian densities

             Chapter 28:   Full Gordon decomposition of all bilinears




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